We continue to update our website, check back as often as you like.
    We have filled our calendar year 2023 either with events or to Malama the facilities and its grounds.
    You may also check on availabilities based on last minute cancelations. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hepiko No Waiohuli

    Contact us at waiohulihepiko@gmail.com or Phone: 808-760-2466 for rental and booking information

    *3 Day Minimum Required to Rent He Piko No Waiohuli - No Exceptions!
    *Deposit : A cleaning fee will be deducted from your deposit if "Hepiko No Waiohuli"

    Is not returned in the original state it was rented of $350.00 - Not Negotiable!

    See contract for information on damages.

    Review All Information In the:
    *Rental Agreement Contract *Rental Application*Rental Checklist
    Contact "WHHA" Representative to reserve your event@ 808-760-2466 or waiohulihepiko@gmail.com



    Our 'Aina, is born of pohaku, laid upon each other with visions and dreams for our children and generation to come. We are a thriving community that is industrious and grows from a solid foundation of neighbors.


    President ; Perry Artates

    Vice President: Kawika Alo

    Secretary : Jo Addie Brown

    Treasure : Ernette Prones


    Board Directors

    Emma Yap

    Steven Arruda

    Sa'a Foster

    Alani Artates

    Carl Saffery

    Willy Greig

    Keith Kuailani

    Dee Nakooka



  • 2022 Scholarship


    2021 Scholarship

    Twins, Dylan and Lauren Almeida

    2021 Scholarship Dylan Almeida

    2021 Scholarship

    2021 Scholarship

    Lauren Almeida

    2020 Covid 19


    2019 Scholarship Award

    $1000 Zachary La'akea Kubo

    2018 Scholarship Awards

    $1000 Ka'iliahi Greig

    $1000 Aliah Ayau

    $1000 Ashton Kainalu Kubo

    2017 Scholarship Awards

    $1000 Paytin Ayau

    $1000 Tehina Brito

    $1000 Jayra Poepoe

    2016 Scholarshp Awards

    $1000 Shayna Tamanaha

    $1000 Leahi Santos

    $1000 Pohaikealoha Artates

    $1000 Kaiyana Kamoku

    2015 Scholarship Awards

    $1000 Karlee Ann Peters

    $1000 Rachel Kaulupali

    2014 Scholarship Awards

    $500 Ho'oleia Kaeo

    $500 Anuhea Kaiaokamaile

    2013 Scholarship Awards

    $500 Kara Frampton

    $500 Anuhea Kaiaokamaile

    2012 Scholarship Awards

    $500 Manalani English

    $500 Kara Frampton


    WAIOHULI, our 'aina, is born of pohaku laid upon each other with visions & dreams for our children & generations to come. We are a thriving community that is industrious & grows from a solid foundation of neighbors.

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